Into the Dark, and Out of my Mind

Into the Dark, and Out of my Mind

All that surrounds me:


In the darkness that I fear,

Are the voices that I hear.

I see gleaming eyes, and sharpened teeth.

And voices that I cannot ignore.


They hold knives to my throat,

And guns to my head,

And make me go to sleep.


This twisted unconciousness is the only escape I have

A dreamless sleep full of haunted images

All my dreams are nightmares,

And when I wake, my dreams come alive.


This darkness that I feel inside,

When I'm awake, it comes alive

When I open up my eyes,

They're standing over me,

gun to my head once again.


Pull the trigger on this nightmare,

End this life I suffer through.

Just to end this fear,

And just to stop this pain.


I'll never be the same again,

I'll never fake it like before,

Because this pain is something I can't ignore.


The voices that consume me,

Make it hard to breathe or see.

And I'm all alone in torment,

All I know is that I'll always be alone.


Nobody knows what I'm feeling,

And nobody ever cares.

This darkness that surrounds me,

And all the creepy stares.


Those around me call me crazy,

But I wish that they could see.

It is all just the darkness,

Its all that surrounds me.